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Story of Communication in Malaysia

The Elephant has been used by cultures throughout Asia for war , for transporting people and goods
and as general pack animal.

1870: Telecommunication in Malaysia begins with the first telegraph submarine cable linking Malaysia
and Indonesia. This link extended to London in 1879.

1876: Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone.

1885: The first railway line from Taiping to Kuala Sepetang was laid, mainly to transport ore.

1891: The first telephone exchange was installed in Kuala Lumpur

1894: Marconi invents radio

1926: The great floods put much strain on the emergency services to deliver supplies to those affected.
Radio proved invaluable in sending messages and coordinating the relief effort.

1929: The first royal Malaysia Police Radio linked Pulau Ketam to Port Klang.

1931: The first commercial radio was broadcasted from Bukit Petaling Radio Station

1936: The first overseas radio link from Kuala Lumpur to the rest of world was made.

1937: The first telephone directory was published.

1941-1945: The Japanese Occupation of Malaya caused terrible suffering to the people
& great damage to the communications infrastructure of the country. Retreating forces on both sides
destroyed equipment so that it could not be used by the enemy.

1946: The first telex was introduced. The printed word could now be sent over the wires.

1948: The Gracelyn Training Centre was founded. For many years to come, the experiences here
were to form common bonds for many TM staffs.

1959: Microwave network in Malaysia plays an important part for telephone transmission. The
first station was commissioned at Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur.

1962: Dail Direct to singapore! The first STD service was introduced.

1963: The first television broadcast! Do you remember the first fuzzy black and white pictures...?

1965: SEACOM links the Commonwealth. An undersea cable links Singapore, Kota Kinabalu and Hong kong.

1970:The first International Earth Satellite recieving station built in Kuantan allowing live
international TV broadcasts.

1975: Automated Telex first introduced.

1979: Call world direct! International Direct Dailing was introduced in Malaysia.

1980: The first fully electronic exchange introduce at Taman Pelangi , Johore Bharu.

1983: Commissioning of Kuala Muda Maritime Coast station for international maritime service.

1984: MAYPAC. First switched data network.

1985: The latest cordless mobilephones and representations of state-of-the-art ATUR 450 technologies.

1986: Our 1 millionth telephone customer signs up in Kuching.

1987: The operation of Jabatan TM was privatised. A new logo, corporate mission and higher standards of service
were guaranteed.

1988: TELITA and Telemail were launched. These services allow for latest "on-line" information to be presented to customer
for their input and interaction.

1990: TM floats share on the KLSE to increase its capital. It also gives thousands of Malaysians a tangible stake in the future
of the company.

1991: Launch of Malaysia Direct Service.

1992: Smartfon was introduced. Call anytime while on the move in a Smartfon Zone.The second millionth customer was serviced in Terengganu.

1993: Menara KL was launched. It will be the fourth tallest tower in the world.


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